Bossa Imagination is a leading creative technology agency in Hong Kong. We are formed by a group of dynamic exhibition professionals with over 10 years of experiences running large events and exhibitions, passionate about design and innovative technology. We specialise in designing and managing events, roadshows and interior displays. Specifically, we create immersive and interactive environments that allow deeper brand engagement by developing interactive digital experiences with VR, AR, motion sensor and touch experience. Our mission is to provide fun and powerful brand experiences to end consumers.

Our company name is inspired from the well know Brazilian music “Bossa Nova”, which is a combination of traditional Samba music and American Jazz in 1950s. It was created on the tropical beaches of Brazil when artists and musicians came together to create this fresh wave of music. The term “Bossa Nova” means "new trend" or "new wave“.

Going by reducing excessive usage of wood, foamboard and paper in exhibition

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